From residence permits to registration at public authorities – moving to a new country is always connected to a wide range of administrative barriers. Lack of language knowledge complicates the processes additionally. CINT leads you through the bureaucratic jungle and shows you WHAT must be done and WHEN and WHERE you have to do it.


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husband refused permission for a search, and, after an unsuccessful attempt to contact her lawyer, the wife eventually granted permission for the police to seize the home computer.The wife later testified that she consented to police taking the home computer only because Nash "began to vibram five fingers sale get upset" and she feared her children "might have a big fit."This is where the case becomes relevant to Police Blotter. It nicely frames the question: Can a spouse let police search (or take) a computer when cheap michael kors the other has refused permission?The trial court sided with the police wholesale cheap michael kors over the discount michael kors wife and ruled that her consent was voluntary, freely given, and not coerced even though she was outnumbered four to one and the police officers threatened to stay there until a search warrant could be obtained.The appeals court agreed that she voluntarily gave consent. But then it analyzed whether the consent was legal, based discount michael kors sale on a long line of cases dealing with whether co tenants can give permission for a search of a home when
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