On Saturday, February 17th, 20 people met in the courtyard of Landhaus Graz to discover this seat of power and to learn some interesting facts about the city. Did you know that the Styrian panther actually isn’t a real panther? The word is composed of the words “pan” (means “everything”) and “ther” or “thier” (means “animal”). And did you know that in Schmiedgasse you can still see some old pillars with rings where the horses were racked up in old days to get new horse shoes? There is one of those pillars inside of clothing shop Brühl.

After walking around the whole building, we went inside and discovered the assembly hall and a conference room with a beautiful stuccoed ceiling.
We ended the forenoon with a get-together in Stadtschenke, where we got a tasty “Brettljause”.

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