Styrian HR-Recruiting Day Croatia

Labor shortage forces domestic companies to recruit personell from abroad. CINT therefore is an added-value that supports all affected parties.


Labor shortage frequently poses challenges for Styrian companies, but neo-EU country Croatia offers a huge potential of high qualified university graduents. Due to high unemployment (more than 50% of young adults below the age of 25), job offers from abroad are very attractive.

This situation prompted the Styrian Center of Internationalization (ICS) to conduct the first job recruiting day at the Faculty for Eletrical Engineering (FER), University of Zagreb, on 6th June 2013.  After appropriate pre-selection of applications, Styrian companies locally could interview graduates of the faculty and therefore exploit the fallow potential. This in turn ensures the future survival and competitiveness of domestic enterprises.

The main objectives of the project were along to the recruitment of key workers also the promotion of Styria as a place to work, the awakening of graduates’ interest and the assurance of being one step ahead compared to other countries. As an added-value, CLUB INTERNATIONAL participated in this trip not only to support HR managers, but also in particular to answer all arising questions of potential candidates. Moving to a foreign country is always associated with challenges, but CINT did not only inform about Styria in General, but also answered any other questions, which made the decision for those who were affected much easier.