Market exploratory trip Madrid

Club International attended this trip to support all parties involved.


Due to the shortage of skilled workers in Styria, domestic companies increasingly make recourse to professionals from abroad. Against this backdrop, the objective of building a bridge for Styrian companies to other European countries in order to discovering their potential came up.

Concerning this, Styrian Center of Internationalization (ICS) and Foreign Trade Austria (AWO) organized a market exploratory trip to Madrid from 25th to 27th April 2013. Well-known companies like NXP, Infonova, Pewag or KNAPP took part in this trip and were could advertise job positions in advance and collect applications. Locally, personal interviews were conducted with potential candidates.

Club International was in attendance to answer to any questions of applicants concerning living and working in Styria, to undertake marketing for the location and to support responsible HR managers. Moreover, CINT organized give-aways for Spanish applicants to give them a widespread impression of Styria.