English Native Speakers in Styrian Kindergartens

”English native speakers in Styrian Kindergartens“: language as a key to more understanding and comprehension.


”English native speaker in Styrian kindergartens“ is a project that has been originated by the Styrian Economic Chamber in cooperation with Club International (CINT, center of excellence and service for expatriates and their families).

The main goal is to ludically familiarize Styrian children once a week with the English language and culture and – by doing this – strengthen internationality of the Styrian business location.

”English native speaker in Styrian kindergartens“ is an important and forward-looking project due to the fact that language is a fundamental key to the development of new markets. On the basis of export of commodities (16.980 MM €) and export ratio (48%), Styria belongs to the three leading federal states in Austria. In 2011, Styria has been the clear winner in terms of growth with a growth rate of 15%. Thus, in times of internationalization linguistic competence is an essential sign of quality for a business center. Especially English is indispensable in today’s economic life.

The project commenced in fall semester 2012/2013 in six Styrian kindergartens. A survey showed that 100% of parents, caretakers and native speakers argued in favour of carrying on the project. Meanwhhile (summer semester 2015) 18 facilities are integrated in this service – thanks to financial support of the city of Graz and the land of Styria as well as a small parent’s contribution the trend is rising.

We are always looking for  dedicated native speakers that want to become a part of this amazing project. If you feel spoken to, please don’t hesitate to contact us.