English Native Speakers in Styrian kindergartens 2.0

On 29. October 2013, a press conference concerning the project “English native speakers in Styrian kindergartens” was given at the child care facility of Anton Paar GmbH.  


Starting in fall semester 2012/13 as an initiative of Chamber of Commerce Styria in cooperation with Club International, the project has now become a real success: in fall semester 2013/14, 16 child care facilities are actively involved. The project is aiming to enable a playful access to a foreign language and culture and to strengthen the internationality of Styria.


For this reason, Mag. Jürgen Roth (Vice president of Styrian Economic Chamber), Mag. Michael Schickhofer (legislator for education, youth and family), Detlev Eisel-Eiselsberg (council member for education and integration), Maria Santner (attorney of Anton Paar) and Mag. (FH) Nicole Niederl (CEO Club International) invited to a press conference at the child care facility of Anton Paar GmbH.


Jürgen Roth, Vice president of Styrian Economic Chamber: „To ensure economic growth, we need to take actions like this and I’m glad we could gain the county of Styria and the city of Graz as partners for the project.“
Michael Schickhofer, legislator for education, youth and family: „The impulses that are given by learning the English language playfully, are on the one hand of major importance for the economy and on the other hand a sign of internationalization of Styria.“
Detlev Eisel-Eiselsberg, council member for education and integration: „Early intervention of multilingualism, which is already implemented in the participating kindergartens, is an issue that also our education strategy focusses on. The longer one has time to learn a language, the higher are the futur perspectives in the vocational world.“
Maria Santner, attorney of „Anton Paar“: „Currently, 34 children are looked after within our child care facilities. Nine of them are not native German. Since October, our kindergarten team is supported by a native speaker from New Zeeland. The executive board is glad about this opportunity, the parents maintain the initiative.”
Nicole Niederl, CEO of CINT: „At Club International, this project is really near and dear to us since it provides the possibility to integrate partners of international key employees and therefore enable social networking. Moreover, we contribute to the reduction of children’s reservations against people with a different cultural background or even avoid the development of such fears.”


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