Excursion: castle and zoo Herberstein

On 14.09.2013 CLUB INTERNATIONAL again organized one of its popular excursions. This time it led to Eastern Styria. 


We met at 7:30 am at the main station in Graz from where the bus took us to Zoo Herberstein. We started our tour through the Zoo, and saw many different animals; from Zebras to Lions, and from Lamas to Emus.

The children enjoyed playing with the baby goats in the petting zoo and after a short lunch-break we met again in front of castle Herberstein to visit the ancient building. The castle impresses with medieval armors and different rooms which reflect the customs of those days.

Finally we took the passenger train to the exit of the park. Before we went back to Graz we stopped at the beautiful Stubenbergsee to take some pictures and relax after the nice journey.

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