Workshop: “International Recruiting in the Balkans – Chances and Challenges”

On June 4th, Club International and SFG organized a workshop concerning the topic of “International Recruiting in the Balkans – Chances and Challenges”. Experts of ICS, IAESTE and Deloitte presented interesting facts and informed about special characteristics of the recruiting process.

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Already at half past eight, interested participants from various companies arrived at Erzherzog Johann room at the Styrian Economic Chamber to spend their forenoon informing theirselves about special characteristics concerning recruiting in the Balkans. After a short welcome and introduction of CINT CEO Nicole Niederl and Susanne Reiber (SFG), the presentation of ICS elucidated about the labor force potential in Croatia. Fascinating details about the Serbian and Croatian market of graduates were provided by IASTE right before speakers of Deloitte gave a clear understanding of the applying process of the Red-White-Red-Card.

Subsequent to the more formal part of the day, experts of all presenting companies answered questions of the participants while having a little snack.

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