„International Recruiting – Success Factor for Styrian Companies“

Club International and the SFG scored on 27.11.2012 with their first joint workshop, “International Recruiting – Success Factor for Styrian Companies” attended by high-profile speakers and participants because of the increased involvement of HR departments, in these times of international networking and skilled-labor shortages in Styrian companies, in recruiting specialists and key workers from abroad.


In the impulse center Grambach, high-profile speakers such as Mag. Sigrid Gruber-Koller and her colleague Karin Koch from the global player AVL List GmbH, as well as Mag. Günther Proksch from Salomon Automation GmbH, gave fascinating behind-the-scenes insights into their corporate recruiting processes and demonstrated strategies and potential challenges faced in the “battle” for the best key workers.  Mag. Ewald Verhounig from IWS of the WKO Styria also presented the new WKO project “Recruiting specialists from other European countries.” Rounding out the technical input,  Mag Editz Zitz from the project “Anerkannt / Recognized” participated. This project aims to target networking, monitoring, information gathering and education strategies in Styria, in order to facilitate recognition of professional qualifications obtained abroad, thereby supporting the aims of the Styrian integration partnership.

Following the presentations, the experts were available at the “World Café,” whereby selected questions related to the presented themes could be discussed in small groups.

Mag. Nicole Niederl (CINT) and Susanne Reiber (SFG) welcomed more than 40 high-profile participants, including the Vice-Rector of the FH Joanneum, Dr. Doris Kiendl-Wendner, as well as representatives of Styrian companies including Magna Steyr, ams AG, Andritz AG, ATM Recycling Systems GmbH , KNAPP AG or Knill Gruppe, Mayr-Melnhof Holding AG, and many more.

Mag. Nicole Niederl, Manager of Club International stated that “In times of international networking and skilled-labor shortages in Styria,  companies are increasingly recruiting specialists and key workers from abroad. In this manner, personnel gaps can be filled, that could otherwise not be filled by regional workers.  Many companies, however, still have little to no experience in the process of international recruiting.  Our work at CINT prioritizes international recruiting – this theme is particularly close to our heart!”

Susanne Reiber, skilled team coordinator for Economic Development /Awareness for Training and Innovation stated, “Well-qualified professionals are the driving force of the Styrian economy. The Styrian Business Promotion Agency, SFG, therefore supports initiatives to invoke enthusiasm in young professionals, counteract “brain drain” and tap the potential of international experts for Styria. ”