State Secretary Sebastian Kurz visits AVL

6cf5265198State Secretary Sebastian Kurz accepted the invitation of the Club International and visited Graz on March 16, 2012. CINT’s Head of Supervisory Board, Kathryn List, presented the Club International together with CINT’s initiator, City Councilor for Economy Mag. (FH) Sonja Grabner and manager of CINT Mag. (FH) Christine Kowald at the location of an internationally active business – the AVL List – which traditionally employs a lot of international key workers. Furthermore, an exchange of experiences about the international struggle for finding the best employees and the integration of first-rate professionals took place.
It was especially pleasant, that the CEO of AVL List, professor List, and the State Secretary Sebastian Kurz could become acquainted. According to Sebastian Kurz, Club International is a model project in Austria for the integration of high-potentials: “Integration works through performance. It is easier for people to be welcome in Austria, if they are successful, have a good education and are able to make a contribution at their workplace. In Austria, we want to recognize achievement. A person who makes a contribution here, should gain recognition and respect. In Austria, specialists are needed, and there are already a lot of successful immigrants who are specialists. Club International particularly supports this target group, and therefore we congratulate on the realization of the Club International!”